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White ceramic mug for customization. Customizable in full color.

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Price table
25 - 493,53
50 - 991,94
100 - 2491,89
250 - 4991,84
500 - 9991,79
1000 - 24991,79
2500 - 50001,79
Product features
  • Ceramic Mug with Handle

  • Color: White

  • Mug Size: 9.8 cm | 8.2Ø

  • Customization options: full color printing, in an area of 6.5 x 6.5 cm

  • Presented in an individual box

  • Minimum Order: 25 units

  • Weight per Mug: 0.32kg

Delivery times

Our delivery times for Europe are as follows (working days):

50 – 3000 : 5 production days + 5 shipping days
+ 3000 :  10 production days + 5 shipping days
Please consult delivery times for urgent productions and for larger quantities.


Production will start once we receive the final artwork file and payment / proof of payment, before 2pm of that day. Otherwise, the first day of production will begin the following day.

Design Template
Download the product design template here. You can open it in Illustrator, design it and use it in the option “Buy and design” – “Upload your design”.
Footprint Calculator
This product is designed and produced taking into account the environmental impact it generates. Calculate the environmental footprint of your product.
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Unleash your creativity with our White Mug ready to personalize

In the realm of promotional gifts, few items are as versatile and timeless as a ceramic mug. But not just any mug – imagine one that serves as a blank canvas, waiting to be transformed into a personalized masterpiece.

With our White Mug for customization, you can turn every sip of coffee or tea into a special and authentic moment. Picture the excitement of your employees receiving a unique mug, designed exclusively for them. Or the smile on your customers’ faces as they receive a gift that reflects your brand’s essence in an original and memorable way.

A personalized mug as a gift increases the likelihood that people will keep and use it, extending brand exposure and fostering a sense of belonging to the company.

For a white mug, we recommend customizing the design in vibrant colors that contrast well with the white background. This ensures that the design is clearly visible and eye-catching. Also, make sure the design is well-centered and appropriately sized to be readable and appealing.


How to customize white mugs for your company?

  • With the option “UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN,” you can download our editable template and upload it once it’s ready.
  • With the option “DESIGN ONLINE,” you can customize the glass mug yourself using our ONLINE EDITOR.

Remember that you can customize the glass mugs in full color. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about your design; before printing, our production team will contact you.

Taza Blanca para personalizar con logo con modelo manos chica camiseta beige
Lápiz plantable blanco con blister ktaft apoyado en una planta

Complete the Kit: accompany your Personalized White Mug with Sheedo’s Plantable Pencil

At Sheedo Studio, we offer a wide variety of items designed with a purpose: to contribute to the sustainable growth of your company.

We want to suggest a perfect combination that will make your brand stand out: our personalized white mug, paired with a white plantable pencil, also customizable.

These two products complement each other perfectly, creating a set that will not only impress your customers and employees but also contribute to a greener future.

Sheedo’s plantable pencils are not only a functional writing tool but also a symbol of your commitment to the environment. Made from biodegradable materials and with a seed capsule at its end, this pencil can be planted after use to give life to beautiful plants. It’s a creative and memorable way to convey the message of sustainability to those who receive it.

By combining the personalized white mug with the plantable pencil, you are creating a promotional gift that stands out for its functionality and originality. But not only are you offering a high-quality product, you are also sharing your commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.


Customer Care

We are committed to maintaining constant communication from the moment you place your order online. We are available by phone and email to promptly address your inquiries and suggestions with personalized attention.

Express Production

Sheedo’s production times are industry-leading. Our standard deadlines are 6 working days + 48-hour shipping, but with the option of express production in just 3 working days plus shipping, we are able to create your sustainable promotional items.

Originality and Sustainability

We take pride in creating 100% original and sustainable products that you won’t find on other promotional product pages. We are committed to innovation and environmental sustainability at every step of our production process.

How would you like to design your

Upload a full design

  • - Have a complete design
  • - Have your own designer

Design here online

  • - Already have your concept
  • - Customise every detail