Conference Merchandise Kit

What does the Conference Merchandise Kit contain?

– Recycled billboard bag, 1 color print
– Badge holder kraft paper, printed in 1 color
– A6 plantable badge, printed double-sided in color
– Recycled cotton lanyard, printed in 1 color
– Sheedo plantable notebook, 1 color print on the cover


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Product features

Made with recycled billboard banners
Size: 40x40x16cm
Personalization: Printing on the plain fabric patch.

Made of 300 gr kraft paper. It contains a window for accreditation and a 5mm hole for the cord.
Size: 11 × 16.5cm | Window size: 8.1 x 12.2 cm
Personalization: Customizable 1 color

Size: 10.5×14.8cm
Seeds: Wildflowers
Customization: Double-sided color printing

Made from recycled organic cotton
Size length: 50cm/width 2cm
Personalization: 1 color printing

Soft kraft cover
100 pages / 50 sheets of recycled paper + 1 plantable paper | Binding: PUR
Size: 14.8 × 21cm
Seeds: Chamomile
Personalization: Printing on the cover in 1 ink

Design template

Download the product design template here. You can open it in Illustrator, design it as you like and use it in the “Buy and design” – “Upload your design” option.

If you want to print multiple models, compress the PDFs into a single ZIP document containing all the models to print.

Delivery times

Our delivery times for: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Germany are as follows (working days):

6 production days + 48/72 hours up to 5.000 u.

For: Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia and Irland are as follows (working days):

6 production days + 3/4 shipping days up to 5.000 u.


Production will start once we receive the final artwork file and payment / proof of payment, before 2pm of that day. Otherwise, the first day of production will begin the following day.

Please check production times for orders over 5,000 units.

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What does the conference merchandise kit look like?

The conference welcome kit brings together all the products necessary for conference participants: each guest’s personal accreditation, a durable tote bag and a notebook for taking notes.

Caja de cartón grande


fundas biodegradables porta acreditaciones


Flyer plantable A6


Lanyard algodón


Cuaderno tapa dura


1. Tote bag made from recycled billboard canvas. We can make bags from your own company’s billboard! Bags can be personalized in 1 color.

2. Personalized recycle cotton lanyard. Our lanyards are not the typical polyester ones but are made from recycled cotton and printed with water based inks.

3. Kraft badge holder. We replaced the plastic with a kraft alternative. Ideal for protecting your badge!

4. Seed paper badge. Once the event has passed, the badge itself can be planted!

5. Plantable notebook: the cover is made of thick kraft paper, it provides flexibility and resistance, and also contains a page of our plantable seed paper.


How to choose the best gifts for fairs and events


In addition to the entire badge kit, you should also think about gifts to hand out to the participants of the event in question. The first point to keep in mind is that they must be practical and useful. Opt for conference gifts that have a real functionality and can be used every day. Also make sure that the gifts are of good quality and sustainable, so that the participants use them for a long time, which will prolong the visibility of your brand.

Additionally, the gifts you choose should be aligned with your brand identity and values. Think about how gifts can represent your business and convey the messages and image you want to communicate. You can personalize gifts with your logo, company colors or brand messages for greater consistency.

Integrate Sustainability into Your Conference Merchandise Kit

The gifts you choose should be in line with your brand identity and values ​​and if your business is committed to the environment, the sustainability of the gifts is a must. Choose recycled or recyclable materials and mention this detail so that the user is aware of it.

On the other hand, remember that gifts must be customized with your logo, your company colors or your brand messages for greater consistency. At Sheedo we offer the possibility of customizing every detail. You can do this with our online editor or by directly uploading the designs to the platform.

Remember, your choice of gifts should be based on a thorough understanding of your target audience and your specific goals. Consider these tips and look for gifts that are relevant, useful, representative of your brand and create a positive experience for recipients.


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