Custom organic cotton t-shirts

Discover our range of custom organic cotton t-shirts that blend fashion, sustainability, and design, utilizing eco-friendly t-shirt printing and sustainable t-shirt printing methods

Boost your brand with custom organic cotton t-shirts for businesses.

In our quest to offer creative and customized solutions for businesses, we have incorporated new custom organic cotton t-shirts. These t-shirts not only provide comfort and style but also serve as a powerful tool to strengthen your brand identity.

As garments that people wear regularly, your logo or promotional message becomes a part of their daily wardrobe, giving you constant and lasting exposure. In addition to the visual impact they create when worn, these t-shirts convey a clear message of commitment and brand presence, ensuring that your company remains top-of-mind for your customers. Moreover, by using eco-friendly t-shirt printing and sustainable t-shirt printing techniques, we demonstrate our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Camisetas verde modelo chico con logo frontal

Custom GREEN T-shirt

From 7,53 €

Camisetas en beige con logo azul modelo chica

Custom BEIGE T-shirt

From 7,53 €

Camisetas con logo personalizado en negro modelo chico

Custom BLACK T-shirt

From 7,53 €

Camisetas en blanco modelo chica

Custom WHITE T-Shirt

From 7,53 €

 Why choose organic cotton for custom t-shirts?

Organic cotton is an increasingly popular alternative. From the consumer’s perspective, organic cotton t-shirts are softer and more comfortable because they do not contain chemical residues that can irritate the skin.

Additionally, by choosing organic cotton for your custom t-shirts, you are supporting more sustainable farming practices and promoting a lifestyle more conscious of the environment.

Organic cotton is a versatile material widely used in the textile industry, due to its numerous qualities. It is known for being comfortable, breathable, soft to the touch, and hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear.

Our custom t-shirts come with important certifications such as Fair Trade, Vegan, Reduced Carbon Footprint, and being 100% GOTS Organic Cotton. These certifications ensure that our garments meet ethical and sustainable standards, thus promoting responsible fashion that respects the environment and human rights. Additionally, our processes include eco-friendly t-shirt printing and sustainable t-shirt printing, further enhancing our commitment to environmental stewardship.

If you want to learn more about how we customize T-shirts, don’t miss our blog article:

Camiseta de algodón personalizada con logo modelo chica con gafas

What printing technique do we use on our custom organic cotton T-shirts?

One-color screen printing: precision in details

At Sheedo, we use screen printing, offering top-quality results and durability. Our enhanced technique ensures that each design printed on our custom organic cotton t-shirts maintains its vividness and clarity over time.

We opt for single-color screen printing, a choice that not only optimizes process efficiency but also elegantly and timelessly enhances each design. With this technique, every detail of your design stands out with precision and style, creating a flawless finish impression.

Additionally, our screen printing offers good wash resistance, ensuring that your design remains intact on your cotton t-shirts, even after multiple washes. Moreover, our methods align with eco-friendly t-shirt printing and sustainable t-shirt printing practices, emphasizing our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Variety of sizes and weights to meet your company’s needs

What sets us apart is our attention to detail and the ability to adapt to the unique needs of each client.

Our custom organic cotton t-shirts are available in a wide range of sizes, from S to XL, to ensure a perfect fit for all your employees or customers.

Additionally, we offer different cotton weights, with options of 190g and 220g, so you can choose the density that best suits your preferences and usage requirements. Furthermore, by incorporating eco-friendly t-shirt printing and sustainable t-shirt printing processes, we not only cater to aesthetic and practical needs but also contribute to environmental sustainability.

camiseta algodón orgánico personalizada negra modelo chica en la calle
Camiseta de algodón personalizada parte trasera modelo chica andando de espaldas

Create the ideal custom cotton T-shirt for your brand

We know that customization is key when it comes to reflecting the identity and values of your brand. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to design the perfect t-shirt that truly represents your corporate image.

Our custom organic cotton t-shirts are the ideal choice to highlight your brand in an authentic and memorable way. With a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes available, you can create a unique t-shirt that perfectly fits your needs and preferences.

In addition to the possibility of customizing the front of your t-shirt with your distinctive logo, we also offer the option to add a special touch on the back. You have complete freedom to choose how you want to personalize your cotton t-shirt.

This versatility allows you to create a unique garment that perfectly meets your needs and faithfully reflects your brand’s style. Turn your t-shirt into a blank canvas and express your creativity!

Whether it’s to promote your brand or for special events, our custom organic cotton t-shirts are the ideal choice for your company to stand out with style and sustainability. Furthermore, our use of eco-friendly t-shirt printing and sustainable t-shirt printing techniques ensures that your promotional efforts are also environmentally responsible.

Find the perfect T-shirt for you and create a unique look that reflects your brand’s personality!

camiseta personalizada verde frontal chico

Custom GREEN T-shirt

From 7,53 €

camiseta personalizada verde frontal chico

Custom BEIGE T-shirt

From 7,53 €

Camisetas blancas personalizadas modelo chico lateral

Custom WHITE T-shirt

From 7,53 €

Camiseta personalizada negra modelo chica logo blanco frontal

Custom BLACK T-shirt

From 7,53 €

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