Custom envelopes

Imagine giving a custom envelope with the names of your employees printed on them 


Receiving an envelope with your own name on it is a small detail that most of us appreciate.  Whether it is during a business event or more intimate gatherings, having the option to personalize the gift and card of the event adds more value to the celebration.

Including a card inside a custom envelope with the name of the person to whom the gift is addressed to is very popular and not only for aesthetic reasons.

Envelopes are a practical complement that were traditionally added to protect the cards or message inside. For example, classic mail sent with postal envelopes or invitations created for more formal occasions, such as weddings or more business related moments. 

In both cases, envelopes have been part of that intriguing and unique moment of excitement when discovering what the envelope hides inside.


What sets custom envelopes apart?

When choosing an envelope, it is important to consider the materials it is made of. Our custom envelopes are sustainable envelopes made of 100% recycled kraft paper. Therefore the final product may contain small specks of color, residues from its previous life.

The paper of the custom envelope is easily recycled in the paper and cardboard container. This way, we are able to offer a recycled, recyclable and reusable product.



Types of kraft custom envelopes


Choosing the right size for your custom envelope is as important as selecting its material. At Sheedo, we offer a variety of sizes for our Seed Paper cards and eco-friendly paper range, so that envelopes can match!

We provide a guide for sizes and dimensions available, so you can purchase the custom envelope that best suits what you’re looking for.

Sobre kraft C6

If you prefer a flyer or postcard style card, you should choose an A6, that measures 10.5×14.8cm. The envelope that corresponds to this model is the C6 and measures 11.4×16.2 cm.

Sobre kraft C5

If you prefer an invitation style card, you should choose the A5 size, that corresponds to half a sheet of paper, measuring 148 x 210 mm. The envelope that corresponds to this model is the C5, which measures 16.2×22.9 cm. 

sobres kraft cuadrados

The envelope that corresponds to this model is the square envelope and measures 15.5×15.5cm.



How can I design custom envelopes?

There are many techniques for customizing a product. At Sheedo, we have decided to simplify this step, by making our production processes faster, so that you can get your custom envelope as soon as possible.

Using the silkscreen printing technique, one ink printing, you can print the names of your guests on each of the envelopes. Either through our online store or directly with us, custom envelopes can be designed on the smooth side opposite to the flap. 

It is a very simple process, you just have to add the name in the online editor, taking into account that you must leave 2 cm of margin on each side, or you can send us an excel document with all the information.

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