Small kraft envelopes

Choose small kraft envelopes for your sustainable marketing campaign


Planning a marketing campaign is not easy. More and more companies and competitors nowadays are choosing eco-friendly merchandising products. That’s why Sheedo offers a variety of these products, so you can select the one that best suits your initiative and values.

There are several options to choose from and you can even customize the product to your image. All you have to do is choose the material, the dimensions and create a design according to your corporate image.

The most requested product by our customers is our plantable Seed Paper, made from recycled cotton and various seeds. Chamomile, alysum and wild flowers, tomato and carrot are the seeds that germinate from our paper. Of course, very popular among customers who choose to plant the seed of change and act.

In addition to this special card and to ensure that it reaches its recipient in perfect condition, we have added small kraft paper envelopes to our selection of eco-friendly merchandising products. This way, you can give your card with packaging that adds value to your sustainable marketing campaign.


Small kraft envelopes have an expiration date.

Manufactured with cellulose from trees, through transformation processes that respect the preservation of our forests, this type of paper is of recycled origin, has FSC certification and is biodegradable.

The material with which the small kraft envelopes have been created is recycled kraft paper, pressed so that the material remains flat and an adhesive seal can be included, which allows a comfortable use of the small kraft envelopes to send ordinary mail.

Another feature of the small kraft envelopes is that, thanks to their recycled origin, colored specks can be seen in the final finish of this product, a detail that adds character and the eco-friendly touch you are looking for.

If you are going to give a flyer or postcard style card, you should choose an A6 size card, which measures 10.5×14.8cm. The envelopes that fit this type of card are the small kraft envelopes, that measure 11.4×16.2 cm.


Can small kraft envelopes be personalized?

The consistency of this type of paper allows small kraft envelopes to be customized, thanks to their smooth surface. Using silk-screen printing technique, you can create your own personalized kraft envelope, printing on each envelope the names of your guests, the date of that special event, the logo that represents you or your commercial slogan.

The small kraft envelopes are not only made with recycled materials, but the firmness of the kraft material allows them to be reusable and recyclable, thus giving a second life to this product and promoting the reduction of polluting gases and paper consumption.

Select the small kraft envelopes for a 100% eco-friendly event.



Other types of recycled envelopes

This is the range of kraft envelopes that you will find in Sheedo Studio. Different sizes, for different types of plantable cards.

Sobre kraft C6

C6 Kraft envelope

From 0,10€

Sobre kraft C5

C5 Kraft envelope

From 0,18€

sobres kraft cuadrados

Square Kraft envelope

From 0,11€

Sobre kraft DL

DL Kraft envelope

From 0,11€


C6 Transparent envelope

From 0,36€

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