Mini kraft envelopes

Think about the environment when choosing your packaging.


Every day more and more companies are joining the move towards a sustainable world; with the goal of reducing the consumption of plastic materials, avoiding the generation of waste and promoting the preservation of the environment.

Finding eco-friendly products to create the perfect corporate gift or to promote an event is essential nowadays and helps cultivate a good corporate image and good values.

An important factor to take into account while selecting these types of eco-friendly presents is that, in addition to being manufactured in majority with natural materials, it’s possible to give these products a second life.


Why choose mini kraft envelopes?

By reusing discarded materials, products such as mini kraft envelopes are born, a product made with fully recycled , FSC certified kraft paper. Some of the characteristics of the mini kraft envelopes are that they have a closed size of 5×5 cm, folded with a flap-shaped closure and a sticker of 3 cm in diameter.

Thesemini kraft envelopes are used by our team to store the seeds of products such as the planting kit, since we avoid the use of plastics in our production processes. This material perfectly preserves the seeds in a package with an optimal size for its handling later. The sticker included in the mini kraft envelopes is printed with the type of seed that protects the envelope inside. 

Although the mini kraft envelopes are a product focused exclusively for our planting kit, but it is also possible to design it for larger customized orders. Please contact our team for more information.

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Mini kraft envelopes for social purposes

Sheedo is not only committed to the planet, but also to people.

For this reason, we collaborate daily in our handling processes with foundations that promote occupational therapy. Gil Gayarre Foundation is one of the occupational centers that bet on this therapy, which focuses on stimulating the cognitive abilities of people with intellectual disabilities, through workshops that promote their integral development and subsequent labor integration.

Regarding the production process of these mini kraft envelopes, a large-scale purchase of 5x5cm envelopes and seeds is made. These materials are sent to the foundation so that they can divide both products among the four types of seeds available. In this way, they store the materials in an orderly manner for later handling. 

This process consists of inserting between 10 and 15 seeds per envelope, together with a reference label that is stuck on the flap when closing these mini kraft envelopes.

Mini kraft envelopes to complement your planting kit

The mini kraft envelopes are one of the elements that make up our planting kits. There are two models for this product, the clay planting kit and the coconut fiber planting kit, each with its own packaging and customization method. 

The clay fiber kit includes a soil tablet and one of the mini kraft envelopes. The product is presented in a box with an open window, so that the product is protected during transport and is visible to the guest if displayed during an event. The element that can be personalized is a 5×5 cm label, placed on the front of this box and matching the opening for the window.

The coco fiber kit includes the same soil tablet and another of the mini kraft envelopes. This product is biodegradable and is presented in a support that covers it like a sash, available in white or kraft brown.

The sticker included in the mini kraft envelopes contains the type of seed of these kits. The seeds available for planting your own seed of change are basil, mustard, wildflowers and tomato.


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Other recycled envelopes

This is the range of kraft envelopes that you will find in Sheedo Studio. Different sizes, for different types of plantable Seed Paper cards. 

Sobre kraft C6

C6 Kraft envelope

From 0,10€

Sobre kraft C5

C5 Kraft envelope

From 0,18€

sobres kraft cuadrados

Square Kraft envelope

From 0,11€

Sobre kraft DL

DL Kraft envelope

From 0,11€


C6 Transparent envelope

From 0,36€

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