Kraft envelopes

Kraft envelopes have been consumers’ favorite alternative to plastic for years.

Sales of kraft paper envelopes have been increasing as customers prioritize the sustainable and recycled aspect of paper products. In addition to their environmental value, kraft paper envelopes are known to be suitable for shipping because of their high strength as well as for special events because of their quality. 

At Sheedo, our customers ask us for kraft envelopes to offer seed paper wedding invitations or for corporate event. Thanks to kraft envelopes, your campaign will convey an image of environmental commitment and you will be contributing your very own seed to take care of the planet.

Sobres de papel kraft

Environmental impact of kraft envelopes

Sheedo’s mission is to take care of the planet and to leave as little waste as possible in our marketing actions. That’s why we are constantly looking for alternatives to plastic, and kraft envelopes are one of the simplest and most effective options. 

Before offering the kraft material to our customers, we did a study to make sure that this paper is as sustainable as it seems.


Kraft paper is biodegradable as it is produced from tree cellulose, and when it degrades, it leaves absolutely no toxic traces unlike plastic. It takes approximately 1 year to degrade, and even less if it gets wet.


Paper is the material that is most and best recycled. Specifically, for every 10 kilos of paper manufactured, 8.5 kilos of waste paper are used as raw material.

According to a study by PRE “Plastics Recyclers Europe”, they state that only 24% of plastics in Europe were collected for recycling, while in the case of paper the recycling rate is 71.7%.


Did you know that kraft paper does not contribute to the deforestation of forests? It is a paper that does indeed come from wood, but only from sawdust residues generated when trees are cut down for lumber. In addition, it is only obtained from well-managed forests, accredited by the PEFC or FSC organizations, two companies that are dedicated to caring for trees around the world. 

Why choose kraft envelopes?

If you had any doubts about this material and kraft paper envelopes… We hope we have cleared them up for you! The simple fact of choosing paper over plastic is already contributing considerably to the care of our planet. 

Kraft envelopes available at Sheedo

We’ve selected the best-selling envelope sizes that go with our seed paper. If you want an alternative size, ask us and we will find an envelope that fits your card size.

The kraft envelope sizes chosen are:

C6, which fits A6 cards or A6 diptychs

C5, which fits A5 cards or A5 diptychs.

Square size, which fits with square cards.

DL size, which fits DL cards.

Features of kraft envelopes

A very practical feature of kraft envelopes is the adhesive closure. All of our kraft envelopes feature a glue line that, after being moistened, fits perfectly to the paper leaving the envelope completely sealed. This makes them ideal for mailing cards such as birth announcements or wedding invitations. 

Another remarkable feature of kraft envelopes is that the paper is not completely uniform in color, but has small specks that show its sustainable and recycled origin. Our clients especially value this aspect as they are people who take care of every last detail of their green marketing campaign. 


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