Earth Pill : seeds in capsules

Seeds in capsules with different seeds to give as gifts

These seeds in capsules are perfect for any ecological merchandising campaign. You can give them as a gift at events, fairs or any sustainable communication action. Thanks to their small size, we can carry them with us and plant them anywhere creating a great impact on the environment with just a small act.

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Buy and customize your Earth Pills for any occasion.

Earth Pill

Earth Pill

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How to plant the seeds in capsules?

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Insert and plant the Earth Pill in a pot filled with soil 

Place the pot in the sun and water it everyday with love and kindness

In just a few days, you will see the first sprouts appear

A fun way to give seeds in capsules as a gift.

Our seeds in capsules are an eco-friendly business gift in the form of a pill with seeds. We have designed it in such a way that it is a simple, ecological and high impact gift. The capsule is made of rice starch and therefore, it degrades in a matter of seconds when it comes in contact with water. The pill is held by a cardboard packaging, which you can personalize on both sides with your campaign message.

And finally, thanks to the small size of the seed capsule, it can be used as a promotional object in any campaign, even if it has to be sent by mail.
It is a very original way to give seeds as a gift and a simple way to bring nature closer to your customers and employees.

You choose the seeds and also the design

Seeds in capsules are a perfect gift for any organic merchandising campaign. We offer you several seeds and two different colors, so you can customize them with your message and brand image.
If you have a design with bright colors, we recommend you to choose the white packaging, and if you are looking for a more “eco” effect, we recommend the brown kraft color. The seeds available are aromatic plants that germinate easily.

You can give them as a gift at fairs, events or in any sustainable communication action. Our customers give them as gifts for large campaigns, thanks to their easy handling and affordable price. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a personalized quote for seed capsules!

“Our eco-friendly pill is pure medicine for our planet,

and for your balcony!”

The Earth Pill Seeds

Offer the seed you like the most!

You can choose from 4 different types of seeds: basil, savory, mustard and wildflowers. 








Wild Flowers

Characteristics of Earth pill seed capsules

An eco-friendly business gift that grows, in the shape of a pill!

Seed capsule material

Our Earth Pills contain seeds and sawdust, and are held in a biodegradable capsule made of rice starch. The capsules will begin to dissolve once they are in contact with water. The seeds will mix with the soil and will begin to germinate – a fun and orginal way to plant and offer seeds!

And of course, the cardboard used for the packaging is recyclable and FSC certified.

Printing Earth Pills

Both Earth Pill formats can be customized with full-color and double-sided printing. Create a design that mentions what the Earth Pill is, how to plant it and which seeds it contains. We will help you with our illustrations and planting instructions, in order to integrate them into your design as you like.

regalar semillas earthpill
regalar semillas earthpill

Seed capsules are perfect for your sustainable marketing campaign.

Companies like Yoigo have chosen seed capsules to communicate their environmental actions to their customers and partners. They wanted to celebrate their successes with the social platform ‘Think, Then Act’. Discover their success story here.If you need ideas to link the concept of seeds in capsules with your environmental message, ask us! Here are some ideas:

– “Plant the seed of change.”

– “A small gesture, a big change.”

– “The cure for the environment.”

– “Wishes that are planted are fulfilled.”

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