Eco-friendly packaging: Protect your products, and the planet

Eco-friendly packaging is the new and only sustainable way to pack your products. Consumers have reached a point where they completely reject single-use plastic packaging that pollutes our planet. Eco-friendly packaging is here to stay and more and more companies are asking us for sustainable packaging options such as recycled boxes, box fillers and envelopes. 
caja de carton grande



All of our packaging is eco-friendly and adds value to your corporate gift

Different types of eco-friendly packaging

At Sheedo we offer several types of eco-friendly packaging: envelopes of different sizes made of kraft paper, recycled paper filler and cardboard boxes in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

Sobre kraft C6

C6 Kraft Envelope

From 0,13€

Sobre kraft C5

C5 Kraft Envelope

From 0,24€

Sobre kraft cuadrado

Square Kraft Envelope

From 0,14€

Sobre kraft DL

DL Kraft Envelope

From 0,14€

sobre transparente c6

C6 Transparent Envelope

From 0,72€

relleno periodico

Newspaper Box Filler

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relleno kraft

Kraft Paper Box Filler

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Caja de cartón grande

Small cardboard box

From 1,23€

Caja de cartón pequeña

Medium cardboard box

From 1,40€

Caja de cartón grande

Big cardboard box

From 3,00€

“This box has something more to tell you…”

Why go for eco-friendly packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging and its possibilities

How to customize your eco-friendly packaging?

You can customize your eco-friendly packaging by printing your company logo or a meaningful phrase or quote. Here are a couple of examples and ideas to communicate with your eco-friendly packaging

“This box has something more to tell you.” 

“The more its sustainable and cute, the cooler”

“For a sustainable future.”

“Use it. Transform it. Use it again.”

These phrases can be printed on both envelopes and boxes. The only difference to customize this ecological packaging, is that in the envelopes you can print your message in 4 colors because it is done by digital printing and the boxes can only be printed in 1 ink, as we use screen printing.



What sustainable materials are used for these eco-friendly packaging options?

Sustainability is becoming more and more common in the packaging industry. Companies are choosing the most sustainable packaging options as their customers demand and expect it from them. There are several eco-friendly packaging materials, but paper and cardboard stand out the most. Cardboard is a very popular material thanks to its strength and lightness. It is ideal for eco-friendly packaging because it is a recycled material that can be recycled 5 to 7 times. When it can no longer be recycled, it is used to generate energy through cremation.

In addition, all the materials we use at Sheedo are FSC certified, which indicates that the paper comes from forests that ensure good practices when it comes to using them according to good environmental management standards.


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