Custom water bottles

Custom water bottles: the trend in corporate gifts

Custom water bottles are one of the most common corporate gifts, but at the same time the most difficult to choose. There are thousands of options, but which ones are really sustainable, beautiful and durable? At Sheedo, we have selected the best options.

botella de agua personalizada

Aluminum water bottle

From 5,29€

Our custom water bottles made in Spain are made of 100% recycled and reusable aluminum. It is a very light, resistant, and durable eco-bottle with a classic but original design. As it is recycled aluminum, the design of the bottle is smooth but with a certain linear pattern that shows the real value of the material.

We have chosen these custom water bottles for those who are committed to a better and more sustainable world.

At Sheedo Studio, we never stop striving to offer new eco-friendly products that serve as substitutes for those that harm the environment during the manufacturing process. After considering several different material options for our custom water bottles, we finally decided to use 100% recycled aluminum. You may ask… why?

Well, 100% recycled aluminum is an environmentally friendly material and provides a unique and beautiful finish without the need to add any polluting lacquer. Moreover, it can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its properties. One of the most striking is the fact that 95% of energy is saved during production compared to that of the primary material.

We have been especially meticulous so that the result is a sustainable, perfect, and practical custom water bottle.

If you want to know more about how we make our custom water bottles, check out this post:

botella personalizada aluminio

Features of custom water bottles

How are custom water bottles made?

The process of manufacturing recycled aluminum for our custom water bottles begins with the collection of different pieces of aluminum, during this, we take special care to clean and sort the different pieces well, so we avoid unwanted materials such as plastic or paper.

After cleaning, they are crushed into small pieces to facilitate their melting and are introduced into a melting furnace where they are melted at high temperatures to achieve a perfect mix and ensure a flawless result.

Once melted, the recycled aluminum is poured into molds where it is allowed to cool and solidify until we are sure to obtain a completely strong and consistent piece, ready to be polished and perfected.

The molds we use are designed to produce consistent and even custom water bottles with a fine, smooth finish. Thanks to the unique finish of the recycled aluminum due to the mixing of the different parts, light designs are created that make each bottle unique.

botella personalizada
dopper y Sheedo

Why choose personalized bottles as a company gift

There are several reasons why choosing personalized water bottles as a business gift can be a good idea:

Health: Hydration is essential to maintain good health, so giving personalized water bottles is a way to promote this habit among company employees and customers.

Sustainability: Giving personalized water bottles encourages the use of reusable bottles over single-use plastic bottles, helping to reduce environmental impact.

Visibility: By having the company logo on the bottle, the visibility of the brand is increased, since the bottles can be used in public places and shared on social networks.

Utility: Personalized water bottles are a practical and useful gift that can be used in many situations, such as at the office, at the gym, or on excursions.

Cost-effective: Personalized water bottles are a low-cost gift compared to other corporate gifts, making them an affordable option for most businesses.

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