Big kraft envelopes

Need big kraft envelopes?


When launching a sustainable marketing campaign, many companies choose to go for eco-friendly products. One of the products Sheedo is best known for is its Seed Paper Paper cards.

Made from recycled cotton, you get to choose from different seeds such as chamomile, alyssum flower, wildflowers, tomato and carrot.

Create your card from scratch!  Select the size, customize it to your brand image and you can even choose from a variety of other materials in our range of recycled paper range or Seed Paper. 


And what better complement for your cards than large kraft envelopes?

If you are thinking of choosing a nice card to communicate your initiatives or you are looking to promote an event, you can go for an invitation style card that measures 14.8 x 21 cm. If you choose this model for your cards, the large kraft envelopes, that measure 16.2×22.9 cm, are the perfect fit.

The large kraft envelope is ideal for adding a more professional touch to your invitation and turns the inside into an important letter or card. It also serves the purpose of protecting the invitation, as the Seed Paper is made of cotton and can deteriorate with time and constant touch.

Another important use of the large kraft envelope is that it serves as shipping packaging. It is a very economical product, so if you need to send multiple shipments to customers, it is ideal. 

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Sobres de papel kraft

Large kraft envelopes only take a year to degrade

A differentiating factor of this type of large kraft envelopes is that they are made with 100% recycled kraft paper, a feature that is appreciated due to the final finish of this material, that contains small specks of darker brown.

In addition, this type of paper is biodegradable and FSC certified, since it has been manufactured with cellulose from trees, through transformation processes that respect the preservation and care of our forests.

The large kraft envelopes have a flap with adhesive for an optimal closure, ideal for sending ordinary mail, wedding invitations or to promote business events.. 

Choose large kraft envelopes now and reduce your carbon footprint!

Other types of recycled envelopes

This is the range of kraft envelopes that you will find in Sheedo Studio. Different sizes, for different types of plantable cards. 

sobres kraft C6

C6 Kraft envelope

From 0,10€

sobres kraft C5

C5 Kraft envelope

From 0,18€

sobres kraft cuadrados

Square Kraft envelope

From 0,11€

sobres kraft DL

DL Kraft envelope

From 0,11€

Sobre ecologico transparente

C6 Transparent envelope

From 0,36€

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