Succulents: office care

Surprise your employees with succulents


Did you know that succulents are the best plant to keep in the office?

That’s right, this plant will be your best ally: it is very beautiful, it gives life to the office, it is an original gift for your colleagues and it is also very easy to take care of!

Therefore, it is the most desired and purchased plant because it can thrive and grow in the hands of anyone, even if they are not an expert in gardening.

They are ideal for both indoors and outdoors and can come in all sizes. At Sheedo we offer office succulents in a small size, so that they can be kept on the desk and do not steal much space.

What does it mean to have a succulent in the office?

Succulents and cactuses are plants very present in the Feng Shui philosophy since they achieve balance through the energy absorbed by their leaves from the sun’s rays.

Succulents mean good luck… Their peculiar and thick leaves retain all that energy when photosynthesizing (Yang) and transforms it into Ying energy, projecting harmony and abundance.

There are different types of plants with different meanings. At Sheedo we have chosen the varieties of Crasulla Ovata and Echeveria because they are the ideal varieties of succulents for the office.

The first variety attracts wealth and prosperity. It is a plant with great vitality and does not need excessive light. On the other hand, the variety “Echeveria” attracts protection and harmony. It is a practically stemless
plant, which makes it very stable.

Therefore, the office becomes the perfect place to put into practice this activation of positive energies through nature, since the benefits will only be

In addition to their beautiful meanings, they maintain freshness and humidity in enclosed spaces!


Buy and customize your succulents

As you can see, there are three things to keep in mind to take care of your
beautiful succulents, which are extraordinary plants in all seasons of the

Think of a nice message for your succulents and start designing!

Planta suculenta
Succulent plant

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What are the cares of succulents in an office ?

Don’t worry! We have promised that succulent care is very simple, so we summarize it in the 3 basic steps for any plant care: water, light and soil.




If you look closely at succulents, they are usually very fleshy. That is because they have a great capacity to absorb water from humidity, and keep it in their leaves, stems and roots. The same goes for our air plants!
They come from the same family, and the truth is that this superpower is great for anyone who has little time to remember to water their plants.

For this very reason, it is very important to water them very little, otherwise they could die. In the cold season they only need to be watered once every
15 days and in the hot months once a week.




A lot of light does not mean direct light. This is why office succulents are ideal.

If it receives too much direct light, it will dehydrate and the leaves will turn reddish. If this happens, move it to a different location. Also, if you notice that it is receiving more light from one side than the other, it is important to turn it around. On the other hand, if you see that the leaves pale, it means it needs more light.




When you see succulents in nature… Do you remember what their environment is?

It’s usually on rocks, on hard surfaces, on trees…In the most extreme places where you think nothing can grow, that’s where succulents grow. Therefore, succulents need a soil without minerals, and that is achieved by mixing substrate with sand.

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