Earth pill

A capsule and seeds. Can you think of a more sustainable corporate gift?

This is pure medicine for the planet and for your balcony! It is also a plantable company gift in the form of pills with seeds. Yes, the Earthpills are biodegradable capsules with seeds to bring nature closer to your customers and employees.

As simple as introducing the earth pill into the ground and letting it work its magic.

The earth pills are perfect for both internal campaigns, fairs, communication actions or events, since their fully customizable packaging allows them to be adapted to any situation.

A sustainable business gift and a simple, fun and original way to sow.

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Earth Pill Features


Earth Pills are seeds and sawdust contained in a biodegradable capsule made from rice starch. In addition, the papers used for packaging are recyclable and contain the FSC certification.


All Earth Pill formats can be customized with 2-sided full color printing.

Social impact

Sheedo Studio chocolates are made by people with some kind of disability and are part of their occupational therapy. This is possible thanks to Fundación Camino and its work.

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