Create your own sustainable marketing campaing

Seeds Paper

If you are a sustainable company and you care for our planet,
don’t hesitate to include this paper in your next sustainable marketing campaign.
Customers, workers and the planet will apreciate it!

With our unique seeds paper you can finally communicate the sustainable values ​​of your company,
surprise everyone and bring a message to life.
Everytime a customer will water your seeds paper,
it will remain him of the moment,
the place and the compamy who gave it to him. 

How to plant the paper


Place the seeds paper on a plate with 5mm of water


Water it every day and put it in a sunny spot.

It can’t get dry!


Depending on the season of the year, your plant will start

growing between 5 and 15 days.

papel de semillas plantable

All of our formats are perfect to communicate a special message,
both to your clients or workers. 

Pick the size that fits better

Our seeds paper can be printed and customized as much as you like. We have the perfect size, shape and seed for each message. These are some proposals, if you need something more personalized, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

tarjeta de visita papel con semillas plantable

Business Card

diptico papel con semillas plantable

Diptych A6

tarjeta a5 papel con semillas plantable zanahoria

A5 Card

tarjeta a6 papel con semillas plantable

A6 Cards

tarjeta cuadrada papel con semillas plantable

Square Card

a7 papel semilla plantable

A7 Card

triptico papel plantable


tarjeta troquelada papel con semillas plantable

Special Shapes

acreditacion a6 papel con semillas plantable

A6 Event Accreditation

acreditacion a7 papel con semillas plantable

A7 Event Accreditation

marcapaginas plantable leroy merlin


diptico cuadraro papel con semillas

Square Diptych

Textures and seeds

The texture of the seeds paper transports us to the paper mill where it was born and where it’s still produced. It is soft due to the main material, which is recycled cotton from the textil industry. The paper weight is 250gr and the color is off-white. 
Each seed is different, some of them are larger and other are smaller. Depending on the size, some are more noticeable and others are less.

Choose the one you like and fits best for you!

tomate icono azul web

Seeds Paper

icono papel con semillas plantable manzanilla

Seeds Paper

icono papel con semillas plantable zanahoria

Seeds Paper

icono papel con semillas plantable folres silvestres

Wild Flower
Seeds Paper

icono papel con semillas plantable celosia

Seeds Paper

Characteristics of the seeds paper


Our seeds paper has a porous texture. It is made with recycled cotton from the textile industry, so we do not cut trees or use toxic chemicals for its production. Therefore the color is off-white.


All our papers have a thickness of 250gr / m2. Sufficient rigidity for cards, flyers, badges …

As it is produced by hand, the weight of the paper may vary slightly.


Seed paper is very special, and so is printing. We advise avoiding large masses of color or faint colors.

The unevenness of the paper means that the tones may differ slightly between copies of the same design.


Each seed is a different size. Chamomile seeds are the smallest, practically priceless, tomato seeds have an average size of 3mm and can interfere with printing

Request information about prices and options to do with out seeds paper

Tell us how we can help you. If you want to receive information on prices, tell us what product you are interested in and how many units do you need. In the case of printed paper, please specify the units, the size of the paper and if the printing is 1 or 2 sides. THANKS.

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