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Give a personalized, exclusive and sustainable laptop case as a gift.

Can you imagine giving a unique and original gift? These are our personalized laptop cases, made from recycled advertising banners. We give a second life to a waste to create unique, quality and completely sustainable products. The personalized laptop case is one of the most desirable gifts because, by customizing the case with the company’s logo and colors, it becomes a promotional item that increases the visibility of the brand. When employees or customers use the case in public, they will be displaying the company name, which can generate brand recognition.

Eco-Friendly Laptop Case

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Discover our unique laptop cases for your company

After the success of our recycled billboard tote bag, we became aware of the great need for companies to find ways to recycle their billboard waste. Billboards are indispensable communication materials for outdoor branding because they are durable, waterproof and completely customizable. The downside is that it is difficult to recycle…

At Sheedo, we have designed an in-house process to turn these banners into useful products such as personalized laptop cases. We combine the banner with recycled felt, so that the computer is fully protected. The felt is a 100% recycled PET material made from plastic bottles. Thanks to the use of this material, the entire case is completely recyclable, once its useful life is over.

Sheedo’s personalized laptop cases are aesthetically pleasing, original and very innovative! When an employee receives a personalized laptop sleeve, they will feel valued and part of the team. This type of gift encourages a sense of belonging and can help strengthen corporate culture and employee engagement.

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What are our personalized laptop cases like?

Each personalized laptop case is completely different. We use the billboard in its entirety, this means that each billboard we work with produces a large number of personalized laptop cases. Each finished case has a unique and unrepeatable design.

In order for the laptop to be completely secure and closed, we have opted for a rivet closure; the rivets provide ease of installation, speed, durability and aesthetic appearance. They are durable and resistant to wear and tear, making them suitable for prolonged use without losing their holding power.

These cases are not only ideal for transporting your laptop safely, but can also be used for storing documents, folders, notebooks…etc.

Design your own laptop case

Time to get creative! Like all our products, the cases are fully customizable. Here are the steps to follow :

Think and design: let your imagination run wild, add your company logo to make it completely corporate, or you can add your own design and give it a personal touch.

Choose color: once you are clear about your design, choose the ink color that best suits the result you want to achieve.

Ready to silkscreen print!: Once you are clear about these steps, you just need to make it happen by printing in 1 ink on the bottom corner of each case.

If being creative is not your strong point, don’t worry, at Sheedo we have thought of all the details and our design team will be happy to guide you so that the result is perfect.

Why is a personalized laptop case a good gift?

First of all, customizing laptop cases shows an extra level of care and consideration for the recipient. By choosing a personalized laptop case that fits the recipient’s individual tastes and preferences, you show a genuine interest in their well-being and satisfaction. This can strengthen the relationship between the company and its employees or customers by conveying the message that they are uniquely valued and appreciated.

In addition, a personalized laptop case is a practical and functional gift. It protects the electronic equipment so important in our daily lives, avoiding scratches, bumps and accidental damage. By offering a practical solution to safeguard your devices, the company demonstrates its commitment to the comfort and care of those around you.

Another advantage of a personalized laptop case as a business gift is its ability to promote the company’s brand. By including the company logo or name on the case, a constant and visible presence is created in the recipient’s daily life. This can help generate brand recognition and strengthen the positive association between the company and its target audience.

Finally, the versatility of a personalized laptop case makes it a suitable gift for a wide variety of occasions and recipients. Whether for employees, clients, business partners or attendees at corporate events, a personalized laptop case is a practical and attractive gift that adapts to different profiles and situations.

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