Eco-friendly Box Filler

Eco-friendly Box Filler to complete your sustainable gift.

Our recycled paper Box Filler will add a special touch to your business gifts and protect your sustainable products.

Haven’t you heard about eco-friendly box fillers yet? At Sheedo we have created two alternatives for eco-friendly box fillers.

It gives another life to two waste products: newspaper and kraft paper. Companies that support sustainability now only use this eco-friendly box filler to protect their plant-based and eco-friendly products. Sustainable packaging is here to stay!

relleno periodico

Newspaper Box Filler

From 1,63€ – kg

relleno kraft

Kraft Paper Box Filler

From 1,63€ – kg

‘Sustainability taken to the last detail.’

Take care of every last detail: make your business gift 100% sustainable.

Complete your box with recycled paper filler

Years ago, we did not take into account the great negative impact of our daily consumption of different materials. With small actions such as making eco-friendly packaging fillers, we can move towards a pollution-free planet.

At the end of the day, a large amount of waste is generated which ends up harming us both in the long and short term.

All this waste has a very negative impact on the environment, polluting the air we breathe and on which we depend.

With this eco-friendly packaging filler, we manage to collect a considerable amount of paper waste, both cardboard and newspaper, giving them a new life. The result is a sustainable, practical and economical product that will make your packages magical and above all… Ecological!

When to use eco-friendly packaging to protect your products?

Our eco-friendly packaging stuffing can be used for any type of occasion. Use it for gifts for events or fairs, or simply add an alternative and original touch to any detail.

By having different material options, you can create unique designs that add color and originality. In addition, they give a lot of play when it comes to decorating and protecting the package.

If you are thinking of something more eye-catching but eco-friendly or just want to add a touch of color to your package, we recommend our eco-friendly kraft box fillers.

On the other hand, if you want a more eco-friendly and rustic touch, add our eco-friendly newspaper box filler. Don’t miss yours!

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