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A plant for a corporate gift

What better corporate gift than a plant? Thanks to our succulents, the desks of your department will be full of life and color and people will remember your company’s commitment to the environment. These office plants are the most wanted gifts, ideal to hand out on World Environment Day, for birthdays or at a corporate event.

Suculenta planta regalo

Succulent to give as a gift

Give this succulent as a corporate gift. It includes a recycled box with an opening and can be customized with a sticker.

Planta suculenta

Succulent Plant

From 1,39€

In the same order, you can get different types of succulents!

Let us surprise you! Your office plant order will be composed of different types of succulents. This way, your employees or clients will feel more special and will want to take good care of their desk plants.

What we can promise you is that we have selected a variety of succulents that do not prickle and do not need too much attention to live 😉.

Our office plants will accompany you in your day to day corporate life, as they are very easy to care for, do not take up much space and bring life and brightness to your desk. 

Find out why it’s a good idea to have succulents in the office!


“Succulent: Although it has a tasty name, it is not recommended to eat, better to give away! “

Why choose office plants for your company?

Succulents are friendly and easy to care for, and everyone likes them! Customize yours and give away the gift of nature and happiness!

How to choose the perfect office plants?

If you are thinking of offering presents in relation to sustainability, office plants and nature, this is your perfect gift. It is a great corporate gift alternative to our Planting Kit or the Air Plant, which we are sure you already know about.

The Planting Kit is for planting your own seeds, so it requires a little more attention and care and can even be a challenge. The Air Plant is a “premium” office plant because instead of a pot with soil, it is held in an aluminum stand. The succulent, on the other hand, is the perfect combination of these two options as it is colorful, easy to care for and you can customize its box with your design and logo.

Discover the office plants

Did you know that succulents are the easiest plant to reproduce? At Sheedo, we have created a space dedicated only to this type of plant, and the results are amazing! To reproduce your office plant, you must choose a healthy leaf, separate it carefully, let it dry for 72 hours and plant it superficially, without leaving the leaf buried. In a few days, you will see the results.
In addition, succulents are well known for their ability to store water in their leaves. This makes it a very useful corporate gift plant, as it does not require much care to survive. These very special plants are used to living in dry and desert climates. They have the ability to retain water in their leaves and stem and that is why they are usually so fleshy.


 Why give succulent office plants during an event?

Corporate office plants are the ideal option to give as a gift at an event because they are very resistant. Events are usually organized several days in advance and therefore it is difficult to leave everything to the last minute. Depending on the plant, if you do not water it daily it can dry out and die, however the succulent can withstand perfectly and it is very common to see it indoors. It withstands all kinds of temperatures and environments, which makes it a perfect corporate  gift that will be perfect after several days of trade fairs.

It will also be the most original gift that attendees can take home: Every time they water the succulent, they will remember the brand and the person who gave it to them.


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