Mini trees

An ecological corporate gift that grows with the smell of wet earth

 Climate change is evident, CO2 levels are through the roof and the benefits of trees for our health and environment are undeniable.

For this reason, we have created this special gift for your company that not only benefits the planet, but also represents beginnings, changes and new projects.

The boxes of our trees are customizable with your logo and message.

These saplings are a perfect corporate gift for those who can’t wait to have their plant adding a green touch to their balcony.

And is that any great change begins with a small seed

regalo de empresa ecologico

Choose your plant

And personalize your box

Characteristics of the tree


All the elements of our trees are made with organic materials and biodegrade. Of course, all packagings are made with FCS certified papers and the moisture bag inside is fully compostable.


The box of our tree can be printed in full color with your message and company logo.


Our plants are native forest species produced under the best quality standards.

Social impact

The Sheedo Studio trees are handled by people with some type of disability and is part of their occupational therapy. This is possible thanks to Fundación Camino and its work.  

cultivo de plantas regalo de empresa ecologicos

Make your next business gift green and alive

Tell us how we can help you. If what you want is to receive information on prices, an ecological business gift  you are interested in and how many units you need.  THANKS.

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