Zero Waste Box for Lanyards

Material: White corrugated cardboard
Sold by units of: 1
Size: 30*30*80cm
Customization: Top Face + Front Face + Side Faces

Total: 25,00 + IVA

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Product features 

Material: White corrugated cardboard
Size: 30 x 30 x 80 cm
Customization: Top Face + Front Face + Side Faces

Minimum quantity: 1

Delivery times

Estimated delivery time: 8 business days 


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Why would you need a Zero Waste Box at your event?

Whenever we go to a company event, we end up collecting the lanyards and finally throwing them away because we can’t find any other use for them. Thanks to this lanyard recycling box, we can recycle these sustainable lanyards and give them a second life at the next event.
Place several boxes strategically in the space of your sustainable event and get your lanyards back. Attendees will be happy to contribute and your company will save money on lanyards.


Create a 100% sustainable event

Why is it necessary to introduce sustainability in a corporate event?

– Financial savings: by reducing waste and buying local products.
– Better corporate image: Clients and consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of our planet and increasingly expect companies to collaborate in the change. A sustainable event attracts both attendees and the media.
– Social benefits: When you consider the environmental impact, you automatically think of the social impact. Events create jobs, encourage local investment, innovation and serve as a communication channel for more sustainable values.

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