Sustainability Starter Kit

What does the Sustainability Starter Kit contain?

– Recycled billboard bag, 1 color print
– Eco-friendly notebook, printed on the cover in 1 color
– Wildflower seed bomb, personalized in color
– Handmade soap with vegetable glycerin, full color printing
– A6 plantable flyer, double-sided full color printing


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Product features

Made with recycled advertising canvas
Size: 40x40x16cm
Personalization: Printing on plain fabric patch.

Made with vegetable glycerin and recycled coffee grounds. With sandalwood essence.
Size: 8x6x2.5cm
Personalization: Customizable color box.

Size: 10.5×14.8cm
Seeds: Wildflowers
Personalization : 2-side printing

Durable 70 page A5 notebook.
Size: 21 × 14.8cm
Personalization: Customizable 1 color on the cover

Flat seed pump with customizable color packaging.
Size: Pump size: 4 cm / Whole product size: 9.5 × 4.5 × 1.5
Seeds: Wildflowers
Personalization: Printing on the packaging in color

Delivery times

Our delivery times for: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Germany are as follows (working days):

10 production days + 48/72 hours up to 5.000 u.

For: Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia and Irland are as follows (working days):

10 production days + 3/4 shipping days up to 5.000 u.


Production will start once we receive the final artwork file and payment / proof of payment, before 2pm of that day. Otherwise, the first day of production will begin the following day.

Please check production times for orders over 5,000 units.

Design template

Download the product design template here. You can open it in Illustrator, design it as you like and use it in the “Buy and design” – “Upload your design” option.

If you want to print multiple models, compress the PDFs into a single ZIP document containing all the models to print.

Footprint Calculator
This product is designed and produced taking into account the environmental impact it generates. Calculate the environmental footprint of your product.

What does the Sustainability Starter Kit look like?

The sustainability starter kit is perfect for communicating your environmental commitment in your business or during an important event.

Caja de cartón grande


cuaderno ecologico tapa dura


Flyer plantable A6




jabon glicerina vegetal


1. Tote bag made from recycled billboards. We can make bags from your own company’s billboardd! Bags can be personalized in 1 color.

2. Hard Cover notebook. A 100% recycled notebook, which you can personalize with a logo or an original message on the cover.

3. Wildflower Seed Bomb. A planting favor so your guests can plant their seeds at home. The packaging is fully customizable.

4. Handmade soap made from vegetable glycerin and coffee grounds. It is an ideal detail to demonstrate concern for people and the environment.

5. A6 plantable flyer. Print your message on our wildflower planting paper. You can personalize it in color on both sides.


Sustainability Starter Kit, a sustainable and original alternative to surprise


Eco-friendly gift sets typically offer a unique selection of products that go beyond conventional gifts. They can include handmade items, local products or innovative designs that stand out for their originality and creativity. This makes the gift more memorable and surprising for the recipient.

By opting for an eco-friendly gift box, businesses can strengthen their brand image as an organization committed to sustainability and social responsibility. This can generate a positive perception among customers, employees and other stakeholders, who will appreciate the company’s commitment to the environment and the search for more sustainable alternatives.

Creative ideas to personalize Sustainability Starter Kit and make it even more special

At Sheedo, we have designed the ideal eco-friendly kit that combines sustainability, design and innovation. At first glance you can see that each kit is unique and irreplaceable since the packaging is a recycled canvas tote bag. This implies that all bags will have a different design. The contents of the kit consist of durable and “made in Spain” details, which you can personalize with your company logo.

The ecological gift box is a sustainable and original alternative to surprise because it shows a commitment to sustainability, stands out for its originality and creativity, promotes sustainable lifestyles, generates

un impact positif sur l’image de marque et contribue à la réduction des déchets. C’est une façon d’offrir des cadeaux de manière consciente et responsable, en démontrant un souci de l’environnement et en générant un impact positif sur le destinataire.


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