Hardcover notebook


140 pages hardcover notebook / 70 sheets of recycled paper. (does not contain seed paper)
Recycled cardboard cover lined with kraft paper.
Size: 14,8×21cm | Binding: PUR
Customization: 1 ink printing on the cover.

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Delivery times

Our delivery times on the peninsula are:

EXPRESS 1 COLOR 5 working days + 48/72 hours shipping for up to 2,500 units

Consult deadlines for urgent productions and larger quantities.

IMPORTANT: The first day of production will start from the day we receive the FINAL ARTWORK (FA) and the payment or payment receipt of the order, before 12 noon of that day. Otherwise, the first day of production will start counting the following day.

Product features
  • Hardcover notebook handmade from recycled paper and cardboard
  • Eco-friendly notebook with 140 pages / 70 sheets of recycled paper. (does not contain paper with seeds)
  • Front and back cover made of 2mm stiff cardboard lined with kraft paper.
  • Inside: 90 gr offset paper
  • Notebook size: 14,8 x 21 x 1,5 cm
  • Binding: PUR
  • Customization: 1 ink printing on the cover.                                        You can personalize your order with different seeds and designs. The unit price will be updated progressively according to the total number of units in the cart. The choice of the seed or the printing color will not influence the price. If you want to make several designs, please group them in one PDF file.

Design Template

Download the product design template here. You can open it in Illustrator, design it and use it in the option “Buy and design” – “Upload your design”.

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Cuaderno tapa dura personalizado

What is our eco-friendly hardcover notebook like?

Our hardcover notebook is seedless, but more sustainable than ever: it is handmade from recycled paper and cardboard, giving them a second life.

Each page of our hardcover notebook is made of 90 FSC recycled paper. This paper is made from recycled papers, the result is a smooth, uniform, thick and high quality paper, ideal for writing on it.

The cover of our eco-friendly hardcover notebook is made of recycled cardboard, which gives it strength and sustainability. To add a perfect finish, we have lined the cover with kraft paper, a sustainable paper that is perfect for printing. As these notebooks are already pre-made, printing can be done in only one ink on the cover. 

The result is this beautiful hardcover notebook, eco-friendly, practical and sustainable.

A completely eco-friendly hardcover notebook that will leave you speechless.

Our hardcover notebook is the perfect corporate gift. Imagine how your employees will feel when they receive a beautiful custom corporate notebook, with their company logo and made without cutting down any trees… Sounds pretty cool, right?

This hardcover notebook is also ideal as a gift at events or trade shows. By giving a sustainable hardcover notebook like this one as a gift, you are projecting your values as a company that respects the environment. This will have a positive impact, not only on the planet, but also on your business and image.

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Personalize your hardcover notebook

This hardcover notebook is not only sustainable, but also fully customizable. Design the cover yourself, silk-screening your own design in one ink.

Play with the different possibilities: add your logo to turn it into a completely corporate gift or give it your personal touch.

To customize our hardcover notebook, follow two simple steps:

Create your own design, either by adding your logo or a more personal detail.

Choose the ink color of your choice.

Either way, this hardcover notebook is so innovative, sustainable and practical… it will steal everyone’s attention!


How would you like to design your

Upload a full design

  • - Have a complete design
  • - Have your own designer

Design here online

  • - Already have your concept
  • - Customise every detail