Employee Welcome Pack

What does the Employee Welcome Pack contain?

– 1 color printed cardboard box
– 1 color printed reusable aluminum bottle
– Handmade soap with a full color printed box
– Sustainable hardcover notebook printed in 1 color
– A6 seed paper card with wildflower seeds


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Price table


25 - 4935,48
50 - 9919,76
100 - 24916,39
250 - 49913,79
500 - 99912,61
1000 - 249912,36
2500 - 499911,93
5000 +11,00
Product features

Materials: FSC microchannel cardboard
Size: 21.6×15.3×10
Personalization: 1-ink printing on the cover

Recycled aluminum bottle, made in Spain.
Size: 8 x 9.5cm
Customization: Customizable 1 color

Size: 10.5×14.8cm
Seeds: Wild Flowers
Personalization: Full color printing on both sides

Made with vegetable glycerin and recycled coffee grounds. With sandalwood essence.
Size: 8 x 6 x 2.5cm
Personalization: Full color customizable box.

Kraft softcover cover
100 pages / 50 sheets of recycled paper + 1 plantable paper | Binding: PUR
Size: 14.8×21cm
Seeds: Chamomile
Personalization: Printing on the cover in 1 ink

Delivery times

Our delivery times for: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Germany are as follows (working days):

10 production days + 48/72 hours up to 5.000 u.

For: Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia and Irland are as follows (working days):

10 production days + 3/4 shipping days up to 5.000 u.


Production will start once we receive the final artwork file and payment / proof of payment, before 2pm of that day. Otherwise, the first day of production will begin the following day.

Please check production times for orders over 5,000 units.

Design Template

Download the product design template here. You can open it in Illustrator, design it and use it in the option “Buy and design” – “Upload your design”.

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What is the Employee Welcome Pack like?

The Employee Welcome Pack is a set of eco-friendly gifts that are given to new employees when they join a company. The main goal is to offer a positive and welcoming experience since day one.  

Caja de cartón grande


jabon glicerina packaging blanco


botella de agua personalizada


Cuaderno tapa dura


Flyer plantable A6


1. Cardboard box, 1-ink printing on the lid. 

2. Plantable notebook: the cover is made of thick kraft paper, that provides flexibility and resistance, and also contains a page of our plantable seed paper.

3. Artisanal soap made with vegetable glycerin and coffee grounds. It is an ideal gift to show that you care both for people and the environment.

4. Recycled and reusable aluminum bottle. The water bottles are customizable with the design of your choice in 1 color.

5. A6 seed paper card: Print your message on our wildflower seed paper. You can personalize it in full color on both sides.


How to create the perfect Employee Welcome Pack


Welcome packs are designed to create a positive experience for new employees. By providing useful, qualitative, and personalized gifts, you create a good first impression and set a positive tone from the beginning. When designing it, keep in mind that the goal is that these  products can be use in your employees daily lives. Therefore, although it is important that the design is corporate, it is important to take into account the aesthetics of the product and make it beautiful. This way, the water bottle and the notebook can also be used at home!

What many companies usually do, is choose an original and creative phrase related to the company and the product, such as “If it is pretty and sustainable, it’s even cooler” or “Wishes that are planted come alive”, and apply it to all the products, creating a clear design line.

How many products are in the Employee Welcome Pack?

The number of products included in an Employee Welcome pack can vary depending on the company, its preferences and budget. However, in general, welcome packs usually contain between 3 and 5 products. In our case, we have decided to create a pack with 4 products perfectly placed in a recycle cardboard box. All products are customizable and, of course, sustainable. The idea is that the employee receives qualitative and useful products, and that the average ticket per employee is not too high.

However, if you wish to make changes to your Employee Welcome Pack, our team will be happy to prepare a personalized pack, with the chosen products.


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