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Plantable custom coasters in recycled cardboard with seeds attached to one of the corners. When the coaster has served its purpose, plant it! The planting instructions are on the back of the coaster by default. The front can be personalized with one ink only.

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25 - 492,03
50 - 991,12
100 - 1990,79
200 - 2990,69
300 - 3990,53
400 - 4990,49
500 - 7490,46
750 - 9990,44
1000 - 14990,43
1500 - 19990,42
2000 - 24990,41
2500 - 49990,40
5000 +0,37
Product features
  • Personalized cardboard coasters with seeds
  • Color: Natural white
  • Seeds : Wild flowers
  • Material: recycled cardboard lined with white recycled paper 
  • Coaster size: 10x10cm
  • Printing options: 1 side / 1 ink
  • Instructions: Planting instructions are printed by default on the back of the coaster, next to the seeds. 
  • Customization: The custom coaster can be personalized on the front side by screen printing with one ink. The personalization area is 9x9cm.

Delivery times

Our delivery times for: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Germany are as follows (working days):

6 production days + 48/72 hours up to 5.000 u.

For: Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia and Irland are as follows (working days):

6 production days + 3/4 shipping days up to 5.000 u.


Production will start once we receive the final artwork file and payment / proof of payment, before 2pm of that day. Otherwise, the first day of production will begin the following day.

Please check production times for orders over 5,000 units.

Design Template

Download the product design template here. You can open it in Illustrator, design it and use it in the option “Buy and design” – “Upload your design”.

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Custom Coaster Ideas

A great way to use our custom coasters is to promote your brand or business.

Personalization is done on one side and with one ink, simplifying the entire purchasing, design and production process. 

Here are some design ideas to add to your custom coasters:

Your logo in your company’s corporate color.

A phrase or slogan related to your company or a specific campaign.

What do custom cardboard coasters look like?

Our custom coasters are made from 100% recycled cardboard and feature seeds on one end. The seeds are added to our custom coasters in centers for people with intellectual disabilities, which Sheedo works with to handle all of its products. 

The result is an environmentally friendly, plantable product that has a societal impact. 

Once the custom coaster has served its purpose, it can be planted by inserting the seeded portion into a pot. The rest of the custom coaster will begin to deteriorate (as shown in the photo). When this happens, it can be carefully removed from the jar and recycled.

posavasos de cartón con semillas

How do you personalize custom coasters with your own design?

How does it work?

Select the quantity of the product

Upload your design or edit it online with one ink only

Confirm your order so we can receive your design. Our design team will verify that everything is correct before printing. 

Custom cardboard coasters are screen printed with ink on the front. The background color of the coaster is off-white, so that all colors show up perfectly.

How would you like to design your

Upload a full design

  • - Have a complete design
  • - Have your own designer

Design here online

  • - Already have your concept
  • - Customise every detail