How to make personalized T-shirts?

At Sheedo Studio, we offer a unique experience when it comes to purchasing eco-friendly custom T-shirts, blending creativity with sustainability. Best place to order custom t-shirts and best online custom shirts

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 Unleash your creativity! Discover how to personalize a T-shirt

In this article, you will discover how to make personalized T-shirts that not only stand out for their style but also for their commitment to the environment.

What printing techniques do we use at Sheedo Studio to customize T-shirts?

Screen printing is the flagship technique at Sheedo Studio for customizing T-shirts. We opt for single-color screen printing, which not only maximizes efficiency in the process but also highlights the design in an elegant and timeless manner.

Screen printing allows excellent ink adhesion on eco-friendly personalized shirts, ensuring that each design endures and maintains its vibrant color.

It’s worth mentioning that, due to our specialization in single-color printing, it’s advisable to avoid overly small or intricate details, as they may not be faithfully reproduced in the printing process. Best place to order custom t-shirts and best online custom shirts.

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Start customizing your eco-friendly T-shirts

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Custom green T-shirt

From €7.53

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Custom beige T-shirt

From €7.53

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Custom white T-shirt

From €7.53

How to design your custom T-shirt online?

At Sheedo Studio, creating personalized eco-friendly T-shirts is an intuitive and accessible process. You can bring your ideas to life by customizing both the front and back of the shirt.

Discover how to make personalized T-shirts with our online editor:

STEP 1: Select the color of your T-shirt.

We have carefully chosen a range of colors inspired by nature: the white of clouds, the beige of sand, the green of forests, and the black of stones.

STEP 2: Select the weight and printing options.

We offer two T-shirt weights: 190 and 220 g/m2, both with excellent finishes. As for printing, you can choose front, back, or both sides.

STEP 3: Edit your design online or upload your design.

The maximum print size is A4 (21 x 29.7cm) for both the front and back. If you want to edit your design more visually and easily, choose the “edit online” option to access our editor. There, you can upload elements, insert text, and create shapes. Once the design is complete, you can proceed to payment. If you are a specialized graphic designer, you can upload your design directly to the platform. Remember to expand texts and embed images! Best place to order custom t-shirts and best online custom shirts.

Our personalized eco-friendly T-shirts are ideal for events

At Sheedo Studio, we understand that each personalized eco-friendly T-shirt tells a unique story. That’s why we offer products that adapt to any event or need.

Let us share our success story with VOLT, a special client who decided to create their own merchandise to visually showcase their identity.


Leader in the techno scene of Madrid

VOLT has established itself as an emblematic nightclub in Madrid, ranking fifth in the techno music scene. With a trending Hard style, VOLT has become a meeting point for celebrities and music professionals, generating significant influence on the city’s nightlife culture.

The event that marked a before and after

To celebrate its growing success and resonance in the music scene, VOLT announced through its social media channels a special promotion: the first 100 tickets sold would include exclusive personalized eco-friendly T-shirts with the VOLT logo.

This initiative not only aimed to reward the loyalty of its followers but also to reaffirm the nightclub’s commitment to unique and memorable experiences.

Como hacer camisetas personalizadas con serigrafía para VOLT

The collaboration with Sheedo Studio

In this context, Sheedo Studio became the perfect ally for VOLT, providing 100 sustainable T-shirts that captured the essence and dynamism of the brand. Our creation process, focused on sustainability and quality, resonated with VOLT’s values, resulting in products that not only met expectations but exceeded them.

The outcome was spectacular: the T-shirts were a resounding success among attendees, so much so that VOLT decided to permanently incorporate them into their merchandise line. This move reflects not only the visual and aesthetic impact of the products but also the growing awareness towards sustainable fashion in the nightlife sector.

The collaboration between Sheedo Studio and VOLT is a testament to the power of innovation and sustainability in the world of music. For Sheedo Studio, working with VOLT is not just a project; it’s a source of pride and confirmation that our personalized T-shirts can be a vehicle for change and cultural expression.


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