Flower Seed Bombs

An explosive corporate gift!

Three eco-friendly packaging options

Choose your seed chocolate format
and create a plantable and 100% sustainable company gift

We have 3 different ways of presenting our seed chocolates. all equally sustainable

Choose the one that best suits your campaign and customize the packaging design yourself. You can help yourself with our templates or design directly from our online editor.

video como plantar bombon
piruleta merchandising ecologico

Seed Lollipop – NO STOCK

From 0,90€

bombon plantable merchandising ecologico

Individual Seed Bomb

From 0,56€

bombon plantable merchandising ecologico

Seed Bomb Box

From 2,85€

How to plant our Flower Seed Bombs


bombón plantable

Place the Flower Seed Bomb in a pot filled with soil.


Place the pot in the sun and water it everyday with love and kindness.


In a weeks time you will see the first sprouts appear.

A business gift that explodes into… flowers!

Communicate your message in an original way with our flower seeds bombs, and give that wild and different touch to your advertising campaigns. These fun little seed bombs will nourish the earth with the seeds they contain.

Our flower seed bombs are the perfect plantable corporate gift to surprise your clients in any sustainable marketing approach.

Design and customize your Seed Bomb

You will be able to design and customize any of the four eco-friendly packaging options. We create different styles and dimensions, in order to adapt to all the different projects. Make your flower seed bombs a unique gift!

In addition, as in all of our plantable corporate gifts, you get to choose from a variety of different seeds, so you can pick the ones that best suits your campaign.

“Treat your clients with our Flower Seed Bombs

and help us nourish The Earth”

The Flower Bomb Seeds

Choose your seed!

 For the Individual Seed Bomb or the Bomb Box, you can choose between four types of seeds: basil, tomato, mustard or roquette. The Flower Seed Bomb Box includes all four seeds, one of each.

mustard seed bombs


tomato seed bombs


basil seed bombs



rocket plant seed bombs


Flower Seed Bomb characteristics

100% biodegradable: seeds, soil and clay


Our Flower Seed Bombs are made with biodegradable organic materials. They are small balls containing seeds and made out of earth and clay. And of course, all packaging is makde with FSC certified paper.  


Any Flower Seed Bomb options can be customized with full color and 2-sided printing.


Our Flower Seed Bombs are manufactured using semi-craft processes in Spain. Thanks to our exclusive technology, we are able to give a circular shape to the mix of soil, clay and seeds.

flower seed bombs

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