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Event gifts are essential to have a positive impact on your prospects, customers and partners. They contribute to creating a good brand image and to leave a long lasting impression! 

Funda acreditación A7

A7 Badge Holder

From 0,28€

Funda acreditación A6

A6 Badge Holder

From 0,38€

lanyards ecologicos serigrafiados

Cotton Lanyard

From 0,30€

Acreditaciones plantables A7

A7 Seed Paper Card

From 0,18€

Acreditaciones plantables A6

A6 Seed Paper Badges

From 0,30€

botella de agua personalizada

Aluminum water bottle

From 5,29€

Totebag blanca seriografia

Custom Tote Bags

From 2,23€

Lápiz con semillas personalizado con blister kraft

Plantable Seed Pencil

From 0,39€

Cuaderno tapa blanda kraft

Soft cover notebook

From 1,34€

identificativo eventos sostenibles

Bolsa de lona reciclada de YOIGO, que contenía varios regalos solidarios y un díptico de papel plantable explicando todo el concepto de la campaña.

Why is it important to offer event gifts?

Many companies are already aware of the importance of event gifts and their power to captivate prospects and customers. Eco-responsibility and innovation are two key factors to properly capture their attention. What seems to be a small event gift, is actually a useful product that will become a memorable experience on its own.

Personalized event gifts are a great idea that should not be left to the last minute. Indeed, it is the memory that your customers will keep of your brand. So show them what you’re capable of! We all know that everyone loves to receive gifts. It’s a way to feel loved, important and special. Spending a little time on how you’re going to surprise your customers and prospects is the small detail that will make the big difference. 

Another reason why it’s always a good idea to give away event gifts is that it allows you to promote your products by giving them samples along with items they can use in their daily life. The most popular event gifts are those that have a purpose, for example notebooks, pens, pencils or even plants to decorate your office.


How to create original event gifts?

Events bring together a large number of future customers that need to be drawn and captivated. So, what is better than eco-friendly event gifts that match your company values. However, choosing the right event gifts is not easy. It is very common that these gifts are not appreciated and that they are left at the bottom of a drawer or worse, in the trash. Don’t worry, here are 3 tips that will surely help you out in your decision making:

1. In order to give away the best personalized event gifts, the first thing to do is to think about the PROFILE of the person who is going to receive them: Man, woman, age range, what they may like? These are very simple questions that we sometimes forget to ask ourselves. By knowing this, you will be able to choose correctly the type of product, the designs and especially the message you want to communicate. 

2. Next, we need to be clear on the PURPOSE of the gift. What is the purpose of these event gifts that you want to offer. The most common goals are the following: To promote a product or service of your company
To get referrers for your brand
To thank the participants / visitors or another specific action
To be remembered
To Communicate an important change or message




The hotel company ARTIEM gave its guests a box made of eco-friendly paper made from JEANS, with a gift card made of seed paper.


3. Finally, you need to think about the values you want to TRANSMIT. Normally, when choosing personalized event gifts, you need to consider the essence of your brand and whether what you are giving really represents you as a company. If your values are innovation and sustainability, and you’re giving away a regular calendar, for example, you might want to consider other options, like our plantable calendar.

Some advantages of our event gifts:

  • They help you promote your brand
  • They contribute to the professionalism of the event
  • They are gifts that can differentiate you from competitors
  • They are customizable and can be kept and collected
  • Increase sales
  • Increase awareness of your catalogue
  • They contribute to customer loyalty

Event gifts are presents that will make a difference. You must think carefully about what you are going to offer, and think of a strategy that suits and benefits your company. But, you must not forget to take into account the customer and the positive impact you can have on him. 


Examples of innovative event gifts

Our clients favorite event gifts

boli plantable merchandising ecologico


The plantable seed pen is one of the most requested product for event gifts, as it is very useful for the day of the event itself, but also for everyday use. It is a classic gift, but with a very original and innovative touch: it can be planted! It is handmade from recycled cardboard and contains seeds in the cap. Once the pen is out of ink, separate it, recycle it and plant the cap!

Planta suculenta


Plants are also popular event goodies, as they are a living souvenir, and bring life to the promotional item. It is a special event gift that brings a touch of color and freshness. The succulent comes in an FSC certified cardboard box and includes a sticker that can be personalized with your company’s image.

cuaderno ecologico tapa dura


The eco-friendly hard cover notebook is a quality gift, very useful and appreciated by everyone. If you want to make this gift even more special, don’t over personalize it! Place your logo on one side and in the center, mark it with an inspirational phrase such as “Ideas that change the world”. This notebook does not contain seeds, but is handmade from cardboard and recycled paper.

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