Eco-friendly promotional gifts: the new era of merchandising.

We are revolutionizing eco-friendly promotional gifts: We have replaced products that we use and throw, by those we can use and plant. 

We are a company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of eco-friendly promotional gifts and we help companies create a 100% sustainable and environmentally responsible communication.


Top 3 of our best seller eco-friendly promotional gifts

Funda acreditación A6

A6 Badge-Holders

We have replaced plastic with recycled paper.
These badge-holders will protect your plantable name tag.
From 0,42€.

Funda acreditación A7

A7 Badge-Holders

We have replaced plastic with recycled paper.
These badge-holders will protect your plantable name tag.
From 0,19€.

lanyards ecologicos serigrafiados

Cotton lanyard

We have replaced plastic with organic cotton.
Choose this lanyard to give that last sustainable touch to your event.
From 0,27€.

Totebag blanca seriografia

Recycled Tote Bags

We give a second life to an advertising canvas,
and we turn it into an original tote bag that you can customize with your logo.
From 4.08€


Personalized Eco-Friendly Cups

These cups are ecofriendly because they are produced by artisans in Spain, by hand.
From 3,44€

botella de agua personalizada

Aluminum water bottle

Custom water bottles made in Spain are made of 100% recycled and reusable aluminum.
From 6,90€

“Why not change consumption habits by changing mentalities?”

Why go for eco-friendly promotional gifts

Sustainable and innovative corporate gifts

Give the gift of sustainability to take care of our planet

Since its founding as a startup in 2017, our company has followed its goal of bringing nature closer to companies, so that they join what we call “the revolution of change”.
We achieve this through our eco-friendly promotional gifts, thought and designed in Madrid and made in Spain.
Our eco-friendly corporate gifts are very special because they are made with sustainable materials such as organic cotton or recycled paper with FSC certification. In addition, they are real alternatives to all those eco-friendly promotional gifts that usually contain plastic and are single-use.

We have been pursuing this ambitious dream since our creation, as we seek to create new solutions that make it possible for companies to turn sustainability into a daily habit.

botella personalizada aluminio

Sustainable companies bet on Sheedo Studio’s eco-friendly promotional gifts

Along with our social commitment, at Sheedo Studio we also bet on the quality and design of our eco-friendly promotional gifts. This way, our customers are not forced to choose between sustainability and quality.
The eco-friendly promotional gifts we offer to our customers are the result of hours of research to achieve this balance and to offer creative, sustainable and quality gifts at competitive prices.

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