Customizable pencil cases

Customizable pencil cases that will positively impact both the planet and your company.

Introducing our new recycled banner product: personalized pencil cases. These unique pencil cases are made from PVC waste without using new fabrics and materials. The result is a 100% sustainable paper with a very special touch: each pencil case has a unique and original design that differentiates them from any conventional promotional gift.

Recycled Pencil Case

From 1,85 €

What are our customizable pencil cases like?

Like our previous banner products, this pencil case offers the same strength, durability and protection, while respecting the environment during the manufacturing process.

Thanks to its size, it can be used to carry your pens as well as to safely store your daily essentials: your cell phone charger, headphones, glasses… even your cell phone!

This corporate gift can be combined with our plantable pencils or pens, and a plantable notebook, to create the most sustainable and useful pack.

Plus, thanks to the practical rivet closure, everything you keep in the case will be completely secure and sealed. 

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Why give customizable pencil cases as a gift?

As a company, giving this type of personalized gift will benefit you in many ways, among them:

  1. Customer loyalty: giving this type of personalized products is a very effective way to get loyal customers in the long term, as you will be showing them that you care about their satisfaction, this will make them feel closer to your company and create that brand belonging.
  2. Brand recognition: by giving customizable pencil cases with your corporate logo and colors, you are creating greater visibility and recognition of your brand. Customers and employees who use the customized pencil cases will be promoting your brand in an indirect way, while still being a beautiful and practical gift.
  3. Sense of belonging: by giving these personalized pencil cases to your employees, you are showing them that they are an important part of your company. This can increase their sense of belonging and motivation, which will create a better working atmosphere and in return increase productivity.
  4. Differentiation: there are not many companies that offer original and sustainable products such as this pencil case, so your company will differentiate itself from others that offer similar products. This can help attract new customers and increase the satisfaction of current ones, in addition to increasing your company’s own profit.

How to get the most out of our customizable pencil cases?

A personalized pencil case is still something practical and functional, but you have to know what are the best occasions to give it as a gift and achieve the maximum possible impact, so that both your customers and employees are completely amazed and satisfied with the gift.

To get the most out of our personalized pencil case, it is important to take into account some key aspects:

The design is one of them, if you intend to generate brand recognition, the idea is to customize it with your logo and corporate colors. If on the other hand you want to give it as a more personal detail, you can add your own message. 

There are several ideal gift-giving occasions, for example, company events, such as conferences, trade shows or team meetings, where it can be used to promote the brand and thank people for attending. It can also be given as a token of appreciation to loyal customers or as an incentive for employees who have reached important milestones in the company. In addition, personalized pencil cases can also be an excellent choice as a Christmas gift, to add in a welcome pack or as part of a promotional campaign…there are endless possibilities!


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