The new custom tote bag for companies

Publicity banners that transform into unique bags!

Publicity banner bags are THE perfect corporate gift that will surprise everyone. An eco-friendly tote bag made from recycled publicity banners, in a sustainable process based on circular economy. The results are unique custom tote bags, with arbitrary colors to hand out on any occasion. Your client or employee will feel special with this creative and original gift and will be able to use it as a handbag or shopping bag.

Two types of Publicity banner bags 

We manufacture our publicity banner bags by recycling the advertising banners in the streets of Madrid. Therefore, each bag is original and unrepeatable, since the banner is cut out manually and each piece has a different design. You will not be able to choose the color of your bag because they are mixed and the design is completely random.

Colored publicity banner bags

An original and eye-catching bag with the colored design on the outside. The inside is white.

Bolsa de lona

White publicity banner bags

We flip the banner over and create a uniform and elegant bag with the colored design on the inside.

Bolsa de lona

“No two banners are the same – therefore, no two bags are the same either.”

Why choose publicity banner bags?

Publicity banner bags that become unbeatable corporate gifts.

What to expect from publicity banner bags

Publicity banner bags give a second life to a piece of waste, so they may contain some stains from when the banners were exposed to outside elements. Each banner is cleaned before it is made, however there are stains that may persist. Therefore, we give special importance to communicate on each canvas bag its environmental value on a tag.

What is the creation process of these publicity banner bags?

First of all, Sheedo collects all the banners that do not have a second use planned. We carefully select the banners, so that they are beautiful and easy to handle. During the cutting process, which takes place at a foundation for people with intellectual disabilities, we discard the pieces with brand names and logos. This way, we make sure that a logo that is not your own brand can never appear. Once cut, the canvas bags are made by women in rural areas.

bolsas de lona
Bolsas de lona

All that can be done with Sheedo Studio’s publicity banner bags

Publicity banner bags have multiple uses. They are the ideal gift to hand out at fairs and events, so that attendees can store all kinds of catalogs, documents, merchandising, etc. Publicity banner bags are very resistant: they are made of PVC, so they are waterproof and can support a lot of weight without deforming or damaging.


Once the event is over, the user will be able to reuse the canvas bags as a tote bag, as it is very attractive and modern. If you have decided to customize your banner bag with your company logo, your client or worker will carry your brand everywhere.


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