Custom thermal mug

Explore the diversity of styles and colors in our collection of personalized custom thermal mug, and choose the one that best fits your brand. Finding the perfect cup for your style and needs has never been easier. All our cups are designed to minimize environmental impact, thus promoting a greener and more conscious future.

Custom take away mug:

Functional, reusable, and perfect for taking your drinks wherever you go.

At Sheedo Studio, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve decided to create this section for you to find your ideal take-away coffee cup. Our cups are designed to be reusable, easy to clean, and most importantly, to last a lifetime!

Thermal cup with lid ‘MATT’

From 6,90 €

Insulated travel cup ‘FITO’

From 3,25 €

Thermos travel cupVELVET’

From 7,14 €

Travel mug with handleMACA’

From 9,99 €

Travel mug with handleMACA’

From 9,99 €

Travel mug with handleMACA’

From 9,99 €

Travel mug with handle – ‘MOON’

From 4,85 €

Design, sustainability, and convenience in your custom thermal mug.


Details of the personalized take-away cups.

At Sheedo, quality and sustainability always go hand in hand. We are dedicated to offering top-quality products that respect our environment as much as possible.

Our take-away cups provide an excellent opportunity for businesses seeking more responsible corporate gifts. Not only are they practical and useful in daily life, but they also offer you the chance to be creative and embody the values and identity of your brand.

Each custom thermal mug can be customized with the company logo, an inspiring phrase, or even exclusive designs that reflect your corporate identity. This customization not only increases brand recognition but also inspires others to make more conscious and responsible choices in their daily lives.

Have you also considered that street marketing is a powerful tool to bring your brand directly to the streets? Take-away cups are a dynamic and visual promotion strategy that leverages the everyday use of these products to increase brand visibility.

In today’s world, where every detail matters, even the coffee cup you carry in your hand becomes a powerful communication channel. What better way to promote your brand than to integrate it into people’s daily routines?

Taza take away personalizada con logo azul modelo mano fondo calle
taza take away personalizada color plata con logo azul modelo chica con camiseta y bolsa beige

During our ongoing quest to provide solutions that meet our customers’ needs, we realized that take-away cups represent a unique opportunity to merge visibility, sustainability, design, and usability into one product.

Additionally, did you know how easy it is to create personalized designs on our cups?

Choose your favorite take-away cup: explore our selection of cups and pick the one that best suits your tastes and needs. Customize your design: you have two options for customizing your design. You can upload your own design in PDF format, making sure to include crop marks and expanded fonts. Or, if you prefer, you can use our Online Editor and design your cup directly on our website.

These cups are part of a circular economy system, where products are created with their entire lifecycle in mind, from production to final disposal, thus promoting long-term sustainability.

Most single-use cups are not recycled and end up in landfills, where they can take hundreds of years to decompose, significantly contributing to the waste crisis.

In response to the need for change, we have already implemented sustainable solutions for you and your company.

If you need assistance with customizing your cup, contact us. Our Design and Personalized Attention teams are ready to help you create your perfect design.

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