Corporate Mug

The story of the corporate mug

Following a handmade process and inspired by one of the most widespread techniques of our traditional culture, this corporate mug is made with white clay by a master potter.


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What is the production process of the corporate mug?

Beginning with the kneading of the clay and after achieving the ideal firmness for molding, the mug is placed inside a mold to obtain the desired shape.

After several hours of semi-drying and cleaning, it is transferred to the potter’s wheel, where it is manually reworked. After that, the corporate mug is baked a first time, at which point some of the pieces lose moisture and harden.

In the decoration phase, using the cells of a paintbrush, the small dots of coloring are applied so that they are blended across the mug.

We move on to the glazing of the mug. We prepare the transparent material and dip the mug to achieve a homogeneous layer over the entire surface.

Finally, the semi-drying and cleaning process is repeated to prevent the base from sticking when melting during the new baking. We personalize and pack the mug, and it’s ready to give!

What technique and materials are used to personalize the corporate mug?

This is a product made with 100% natural, raw materials, that do not contain any chemicals or polluting gasses.

Using the pad printing technique, printing in one ink, we add a personalized touch by the customer to turn the mugs into a corporate gift.

Based on a sustainable production process, it does not generate waste and contributes to improving the energy efficiency of our production processes.

One of the reasons why Sheedo has decided to turn these mugs into a corporate gift, is the resistance of this type of material; its sustainability guarantees that this mug can be used without fear of it degrading over time due to climatic causes or other.

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Why is this corporate mug the perfect gift?

Corporate gifts such as these mugs not only promote the circular economy and reduce your carbon footprint, but are also a gift that your employees and customers will appreciate.

The perfect choice to complement any campaign, congress, fair or as a promotional gift.

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