We dreamed of a paper that transformed into a plant and, from so much dreaming, we made it come true

Once upon a time…

Four entrepreneurs who bet on doing things in a more logical way: Valuing people and nature.

They decided to revolutionize the promotional gift industry, a sector that generates a lot of waste. No more throwaway gifts, no more throwaway gifts.



They started the adventure with a master stationery maker, who came up with the perfect formula to create plantable paper: SHEEDO.

With Sheedo, they succeeded in replacing traditional cellulose with residual textile cotton, machines with people, and chemists with seeds.

Use and plant

Sheedo Studio brings nature closer to people, offering an unforgettable experience to those who receive it.

But they were not only on the seed paper. They decided to rethink the advertising claim industry with new products. Sustainable products (really) and with a second. Products that give the opportunity to create life and give back to planet earth all that it is giving us.


So why not change consumer habits by changing mindsets?